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Intervac administreras av representanter som är ansvariga för varje nationell Intervac sektion. Vi använder en gemensam webb plattform för att serva våra medlemmars önskemål.

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The Intervac Board of Directors

Sitting on the Intervac Board of Directors is a challenging job for each of the four National Representatives elected to thier chairs. They each serve at least one term of 2 years and as a group they are responsible for putting decisions made at the general meetings in action.

Nuvarande medlemmar i Intervac:s styrelse (BD)

Kristina Caillaud Fru Emanuela Zara - Intervac IT
Karl Gemfeldt Mr. Karl Gemfeldt - Intervac SE
Sesselja Traustadottir Fru Sesselja Traustadóttir - Intervac IS
Trude Hoel Fru Yolande & Jempi De Cooman - Intervac BE

Our Mailing Address

Intervac International
PO Box 1436
SE 114 79 Stockholm SWEDEN
Telefon +46 855 924 195

Annual General Meetings

Organisers from participating countries meet at Annual General Meetings (AGMs) to set world-wide policies and procedures and to elect a Board of Directors, who then coordinate international activities of INTERVAC on a day-to-day basis. INTERVAC organisers take turns in hosting AGMs in their country. Following is the schedule of forthcoming AGMs:

  • 2017 - Greece
  • 2018 - Italy
  • 2019 - Portugal